Press conference on the campaign launch


Press conference to mark the start of the campaign, in the premises of Migrationsrats Berlin-Brandenburg (MRBB). With inputs by alle bleibenThe VOICE Refugee ForumKarawane for the Rights of Refugees and Migrantsafrique-europe-interactAllmende e.V.VVN/BdA Berlin and other Antifa groups. The news agencies dpa und epd came by, and a number of leftish newspapers.

Among other issues, we talked about the upcoming NSU trial in Munich. The abolishment of the right of asylum has clearly influenced the „generation NSU“. Right after the pogrom of Rostock-Lichtenhagen, the ruling parties and the Social Democrats struck a deal to abolish this constitutional cornerstone – as an explicit attempt to pacify the public. This way, Nazis learned – and remembered for decades – that racist violence would pay off for them.

The press meeting quickly turned into a press discussion, touching on ways to connect different antiracist struggles. Here’s today’s press release.